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YOGA : ANJANEYASANA | A Heart Opening Yoga Posture.

A Heart Opening Yoga Posture:
Anjaneyasana is a heart opener yoga posture with health rewards of improved breathing and increased blood circulation. In the pose, lifting the chest forward allows the heart muscles to open and the lungs to expand. The better flow of prana, enhanced oxygen supply, and blood circulation are the resulting health benefits of Anjaneyasana


Stretches the hips on the back leg.

Opens the hip flexors and strengthens the hip extensors.

Stretches the psoas muscles.

Opens the shoulders and chest.

Strengthens the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, and hamstrings.

Builds strength for the muscles that support the knee.

Stretches the front of the ankle and strengthens calf muscles on the back leg.

Stretches the calf muscles on the front leg.

Engages the deep core muscles, which help create stability.

Can help alleviate pain cause by sciatica.
Improves balance.

The lifting of the torso and arms helps build strength in the arms, shoulders, and back.

Balancing in this pose helps strengthen the deep core.

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