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World Standards Day 2020

World Standards Day or International Standards Day is observed globally on 14 October every year. The day aims to raise awareness about the importance of standardisation to the global economy among the consumers, regulators and industry.

World Standards Day 2020 Theme
The theme of World Standards Day 2020 is “Protecting the planet with standards.” As we know that life on earth depends on the energy that we received from the sun. But over the last century human and large-scale industrial activities of our modern civilization have added greenhouse gases in the earth which impact our climate and all forms of life. Also, due to the rapid population of growth and broad urbanization gave a call for the responsible use of limited resources.
Therefore, to reduce the impact of humans on our planet, it is necessary for the political will, concrete action, and the right tools. Therefore, we can say that International Standards are one such tool. International Standards are created or prepared by IEC, ISO, and ITU and take into account the tried and true solutions to technical challenges.

They also help to share expertise and expert to understand how broadly within developed and developing countries alike. Let us tell you that standards cover all aspects of energy savings, water, and air quality. Several standardized protocols and methods of measurement are also provided by them. Their broad use helps in reducing the environmental impact of industrial products and processes. It also facilitates the reuse of limited resources and improves energy efficiency.


History of World Standards Day
Standards are important, we all know that and were all raised with this concept, but it’s entirely possible that we aren’t truly cognizant of just how vitally important standards can be. In the days before international standards and industrialization things, there was no way to get a replacement part for a machine or piece of equipment that you owned without going to the original manufacturer. Even then it was entirely possible that they’d only be able to do a ‘best fit’ sort of fix. Without automation or a set of standards to work by, every piece of these machines was purpose-built, meaning they were unique to that device.

The industrial revolution saw the beginning of an important change, and while many people say that fire was man’s most important invention, it’s entirely possible that it was actually standardization. Today when you need a replacement screw, you know you can go down to the hardware store and get one.

When you get a new router you know that it will be able to communicate with the networks and other electronic equipment because they all operate on a set of standardized frequencies. Even your cars run on a certain kind of fuel because the ISO set the standard for vehicles of that type. World Standards Day celebrates the hard work of the ISO and the way that it has utterly shaped the world we have today.

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