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World Computer Literacy Day, 2 December 2020

The World Computer Literacy Day is observed annually on 2nd December to create awareness and drive digital literacy in underserved communities worldwide. The day promotes technological skills, especially in children and women. The World Computer Literacy Day controls the advanced gap that exists in the world today. 

History of World Computer Literacy Day
The first observance of World Computer Literacy Day was held in the year 2001. The event is being organized by NIIT, the Indian computer company. The celebration of the Day falls on this date as it marks the 20th anniversary of NIIT. It is a celebration Day that aims to increase awareness of about the access of computers and its related technology efficiently. It is vital for any people of any age to know all the basic knowledge and information about these techniques. Computer literacy is the understanding of computer programming and how the computers work. It is considered to be the essential skill to be possessed. The Day curbs the digital divide that is present in the world today.


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