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Why Do We Get Hungry?

Have you ever wondered how your brain gets the message that makes us feel hungry? Hunger has nothing to do with an empty stomach, as most people believe.

Hunger begins when certain nutritive materials are missing in the blood. When the blood vessels lack these materials, a message is sent to a part of the brain that is called the ‘hunger centre‘. This hunger centre works like a brake on the stomach and the intestine. As long as the blood has sufficient food, the hunger centre slows up the action of the stomach and the intestine. When the food is missing from the blood, the hunger centre makes the stomach and intestine more active. That is why a hungry person often hears his stomach rumbling.

When we are hungry, our body doesn’t crave any special kind of food it just wants nourishment. It depends on the individual how long we can actually live without food. A very calm person can live longer than an excitable one because the protein stored up in his body is used up more slowly.

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