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Why are Solar Panels attached to roof tops?

There is always a constant search for new sources of energy. The Sun gives out vast amounts of energy, of which only a tiny fraction reaches the earth. If we could use just a small part of this energy it would fulfil all the worlds foreseeable needs for power. One way of harnessing the Suns power is by using solar panels. Today a number of houses generate some of their own power. Solar panels attached to rooftops absorb the Suns energy which is later used to heat domestic water supplies. The first solar power station was built in 1969 at Odeillo in France. It uses solar power to generate energy and has many solar panels to collect as much energy from the Sun as possible. One day scientists hope to collect sunlight in space and beam it back to earth.

Fact file
The Suns rays heat water in a pipe system within the solar panels. Cold water enters the pipes and flows through the panel, heating up as it goes. Hot water is collected from the pipes and stored for future

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