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Keep these things in mind while choosing a helmet

Those willing to buy cheap helmets as a shortcut to complying with the law should be aware that a cheap helmet may cause more injuries in the event of an accident.

Keep these things in mind while choosing a helmet

Certificate: Helmets approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards will bear the ISI stamp. Only such helmets ensure safety as per Indian traffic laws. The ISI sticker is usually placed on the back of the helmet. There are many cheap helmets available with fake ISI stickers. So make sure before buying whether the helmet has the correct ISI mark.

Material of construction: The material used to make the helmet should provide at least a certain degree of protection to the driver’s head during an accident.

Shape: Everyone’s head shape is different. Accordingly, the helmets are available in three shapes, round oval, intermediate oval and long oval.You can choose the right helmet after understanding your head shape using a mirror.

Size: Everyone’s head size is different. Make sure the size tag  with the helmet when you buy it.

Ventilation: Choose off-road helmets with good airflow. Buy a helmet that wicks away sweat and doesn’t overheat

Coverage: Full face helmets provide the most protection.

Visor: The helmet visor is made of transparent or colored material. Those that are transparent and provide UV protection are preferred.

Weight: Helmets weighing 1200 to 1350 grams are best. There is often a misconception that heavier helmets provide more safety. Such helmets not only cause discomfort but also put unnecessary stress on the neck muscles.

Chin Straps: . The helmet should be securely fastened to the chin with a chin strap. Wearing a chinstrap and using the helmet correctly can reduce the impact of accidents.

Compaction: Move the head forward and downward quickly after wearing the helmet. If the position of the helmet is wrong, it means that the fitting is not correct. Choose a helmet that is slightly smaller in size.


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