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Whatsapp rolls out new shopping button for users

In a bid to make the user experience with business accounts easier, WhatsApp is now bringings a new shopping button. This button will allow users to take a glance at all catalogues that businesses are offering on the platform. The new shopping button replaces the voice call button and features directly on the chat screen. This will ease the shopping on WhatsApp. In September this year, WhatsApp tested the shopping button to help businesses showcase their products/ services in a better manner. The new addition was seen in a WhatsApp beta version for Android. Now, the Facebook-owned company is planning to introduce it to global users with Android and iPhone.

The shopping button will look like a storefront icon and users will be able to access the catalogue directly from the chat screen. Earlier, people had to tap on a particular business’ profile and then check whether they had a catalogue or not and later look for goods or services they offer. Since the shopping button will replace the existing call button, this means that the users will not be able to directly see the call button when they are communicating with others.

Apart from enhancement in user experience, the idea behind the introduction of the shopping button is to help businesses to ramp up the discovery of products and increase their sales. Last year in November, the WhatsApp Business app rolled out the catalogue feature to allow small businesses to showcase their products to users on WhatsApp. While a button has been introduced, users can still access the catalogue of businesses by going on to their profiles on the messaging app. Meanwhile, voice call and video call options that come separately, will now be included in one, implying users will have to tap on the call option and the select either voice or video call.

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