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WhatsApp Updates all about you know.

Keeping in mind the privacy of its users, the company constantly brings new features to make chatting more fun. WhatsApp has already introduced an interesting feature of delete messages for everyone a few years ago. Many times we sent such messages by mistake to our friends or family members which we do not want them to read. WhatsApp introduced the Delete for Everyone feature in the year 2017.

After this feature was introduced, the person who received the message will get a notification of the message being deleted. You can delete the message by using ‘Delete for everyone in the first personal chat.

Although you will have to do this message deletion within 7 minutes of sending the message, after that the message will not be deleted. Many times, we ourselves come across such notifications of ‘Message is Deleted’ and we wonder what that message must have been.

Here are easy tips and tricks through which you will also be able to see deleted messages on WhatsApp –

Go to Google Play Store and download the Notisave app. It is an app that can keep a tab on notification, and it is one of the decent options to consider for reading deleted messages.
Once you have installed the app, allow all the permissions Notisave needs to access including photos, files, media, and click on the auto-start option.
After giving permission and auto start option, the app will keep track of all the notifications and WhatsApp messages you’ve received.
After this, even if the sender deletes the message, you will be able to read through Notisave app. You can also read the notifications you unintentionally or accidentally swiped away.
Although, there’s no official way through which you can retrieve the deleted messages on WhatsApp. But this hack will surely help you to read those deleted messages which your friends didn’t want you to read! This hack is strictly for Android users and not for iOS users. There are also other third party apps that will allow you to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

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