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Vava Suresh recovers, leaves hospital

Famous snake catcher Vava Suresh was discharged from Kottayam medical college hospital on Monday after recovery. He was under treatment for a week after being bitten by a cobra.

He expressed gratitude to the people who took him to the hospital and also thanked the hospital staff. He also thanked Keralites who prayed for his fast recovery. According to reports, he is in good health condition.

“This is my second birth. I will think about changing my method of snake catching. I would like to reveal that one forest official is conspiring against me,” Suresh told media while leaving the hospital. He declared that he will continue in this profession.

Ahead of the discharge procedures, minister N Vasavan reached the hospital on Monday morning.

The administration of life-saving drugs was stopped on Sunday. Only some antibiotics were given to him.

Vava Suresh was rushed to the Kottayam medical college after suffering a cobra bite on January 31. The accident took place when he was engaged in snake catching at Kurichy here.

Meanwhile, health minister Veena George informed that she talked with Suresh over the phone. Suresh expressed his gratitude to the minister for providing the best medical care.

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