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At least 3.57 lakh healthcare workers to get Covid-19 vaccine now.

With 1,46,750 Covishield vaccine doses arriving in Belagavi on Wednesday morning, the state now has 7,93,710 doses at its disposal including those that were received in Bengaluru on Tuesday. The state put out a district-wise vaccine distribution plan in which the highest allocation has been made to BBMP limits with 2,10,080 vaccine doses.

Dasappa Referral Hospital was stocked with 1,05,000 Covishield doses on Wednesday evening. Out of 760 vaccination sites identified in BBMP limits, six will take part in the vaccination rollout on January 16: Victoria Hospital, KC General Hospital, CV Raman General Hospital, Jayanagar General Hospital, St John’s Medical College and Mallasandra Primary Health Centre.

As many as 100 beneficiaries will be vaccinated at each centre that day, in all 600. A day before the vaccination, vaccines will be sent to the cold chain points that include 148 primary health centres.

Vaccination will be done from 9 am to 5 pm. An ambulance and a hospital have been mapped to each vaccination site.

With two doses for every health worker with 28 days between each dose, the state can vaccinate 3,96,855 health workers. However, since 10% wastage has to be accounted for in every vaccination campaign, the state can at least vaccinate 3,57,169 healthcare workers with the first consignment of Covishield.

While central government health workers have been allotted 15,730 vaccine doses, state healthcare workers have been allotted 7,75,400 doses. Armed Forces medical services have been allotted 2,580 doses. Unlike allocations for central and state healthcare workers in all districts of Karnataka, army medical personnel have been allocated doses in four districts only: Belagavi (370), Uttara Kannada (240), Bengaluru Urban (1,890), and Bidar (80) doses.

Command Hospital in Bengaluru, for example, has treated Covid patients and its lab has been testing Covid samples since March.

With the vaccine dose allocation received by BBMP, as many as 1,05,040 health workers can be vaccinated. When 10% vaccine wastage is taken into account, conservatively as many as 94,536 health workers can be vaccinated in BBMP limits itself.

Bengaluru Urban received 37,610 vaccine doses that can vaccinate 18,805 health workers. If wastage is taken into account, at least 16,924 health workers can be vaccinated.

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