First get into the position of Tadasana(stand straight with your feet together), keep your left knee in the direction of your belly.
Now reach your left arm inward to your thigh and cross it over your front ankle. After doing this you have to hold the outside of your left foot (If you have tight hamstrings then hold a strap loop around your left sole).
Keep your front thigh muscles of your standing leg strong along with keeping your outer thigh in an inward direction.
Breathe in and expand your left leg forward.
Now, you have to straighten your knee as much as you can. After that swing your left leg out to the side. Breathe normally and try to maintain your balance. Breathing helps you to balance.
Remain in the pose around 30 seconds; breath out and down your leg to the floor. Repeat the same process with your alternate leg

This asana strengthens your ankles and legs along with stretches the backs of your legs.
Stretches your adductor muscles of your raised leg and hamstrings also.
This asana is good for your core. It helps to build the strength of core muscles
This asana is Beneficial for your nervous system
Improves sense of balance
Improves concentration

Those with any injury to the ankles and lower back should not attempt this asana.
Don’t force while straightening out the bent leg as it can cause sprain or other injury to the hamstrings, adductor muscles, etc

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