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1. Pick out the odd one?
a. Pulley b. Foreceps c. Scissors d. Cutting Player
2. Pick out the odd one?
a. Vitamin A b. Vitamin B c. Vitamin D d. Vitamin E
3. Which are the correct combination of colour pigments?
a. Xanthophyll Red, Anthosayanin-green
b. Carotin yellowish orange, Xanthophyll yellow
c. Carotin Red, Xanthophyll orange
d. Carotine yellow, Anthosayanin Red.
4. Which colour pigments causes to Reddish colour of amaranthus?
a. Carotine b. Xanthophyll c. Anthosayanin d. Chlorophyll
5. Who developed superbug bacteria in genetic engineering?
a. J.C boss b. Ananda Mohan chekrabarty
c. Dr. M.S Swaminadhan d. Iyan veelmutt
6. Which pathogens causes to influenza?
a. Bacteria b. Virus c. Fungus s. Protosova

7. Lab report of a person is given by analysing the report predict which diseases may affect
the person?
Test Value Normal
Blood sugar 80 70-100 mg/dl
Cholestrol 230 up to 200 mg/dl
a. Anemia b. Goiter c. Diabetes d. Heart diseases
8. Born in France in 1822 and done his research mainly on germs. He invented medicine
for disease Anthrax in cattles. Identify the person?
a. Louis Pasture b. Alexander fleming c. Robert Hooke d. Charles Darvin
9. The alloy present in ‘Aranmula Kannadi’?
a. Copper, lead b. Copper, silver c. Tin, lead d. Tin Copper
10. Head quarters of IISR is………….
a. Calicut b. Thiruvanandapuram c. Thrissure d. Vayanad
11. Head quarters of FSSAI?
a. Maharashtra b. Utterpradesh c. New Delhi d. Kolkatta
12. Liquid 1 PH 14. Liquid 2 PH 1. PH Values of two liquids are given below. Identify the
correct statement related to the acidity?
a. Liquid 1 concentrate the acid
Liquid 2 concentrate the alkali
b. Liquid 1 concentrate the alkali
Liquid 2 concentrate the acid
c. Liquid 1 concentrate the alkali
Liquid 2 neutralised solution
d. Liquid 1 neutralised solution
Liquid 2 concentrate the acid

13. Which is the main content the medicine given to a patient having gasetrouble?
a. Content alkali b. acidic
c. both of them d. None of these
14. A student cried due to biting of ant ahich first aid can prefer to the student?
a. Smear termid b. Smear slaked
c. Smear vinager d. Wash in salt water
15. By felting deptless a child got in to pond and drawn into it. Which phenomenon of light
related to the deptless of pond?
a. Scattering b. Dispersion c. refraction d. reflection
16. When LED Bulb uses current bill reduces. This statement is connected to?
a. heat energy is equal to light energy
b. heat enegry is more light energy is less
c. Produces light energy only
d. Light energy is more heat energy is less
17. Which is odd one?
a. White cane b. Tactile watch c. emposed map d. snellen chart

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