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Tovino Thomas did the human flag with a Minnal Murali reference

Tovino Thomas is currently basking in the success of his recently-released film Minnal Murali. The film, since released, has been garnering a lot of praises and appreciations from both critics and audience. Tovino, who played the titular character in the film, is still busy making witty references to his character from the film and showing us that he is indeed Minnal Murali in real life.

In Minnal Murali, Tovino played the character of Jaison – an eccentric, fashion-loving small-town boy who got struck by lightning one night and since then, developed superpowers. Jaison, the character played by Tovino, also figured out that he can do a lot with his superpowers, but flying was not one of them.

Tovino, in real life, can do both – flying and showing off his superpowers which are not for the faint-hearted. A few days back, Tovino showed us that even though his character in the film faced his inevitable failure when it came to flying, in real life, he can do it all. Through flying pushups, Tovino proved the same to his Instagram family. A day back, Tovino showed us that superheroes should have a strong core through the practice of the human flag.

In the picture, Tovino can be seen posing with his body balanced horizontally with his leg sideways upwards. Doing the human flag with a lot of poise and smile, Tovino made a reference to Minnal Murali and wrote – “Jaison being a human flag.” He also shared his witty state of mind with his hashtags to his post – #minnalmurali, #afterthelightningstrike and #jaisonwithastrongcore.

In no time, Tovino’s picture was flooded with likes and comments from his friends, fans and colleagues from the film industry. But the best one came from Guru Somasundaram who played Minnal Murali’s arch rival in the film. He dropped by to comment with a heart-eyed emoticon.

The human flag comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in developing grip strength, shoulders lats, obliques and quadratus lumborum. It also helps in developing powerful triceps.

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