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Top 10 Poet Of Malayalam Literature.

Thunchanththu Ezhuthachan
He is considered as the “Father of Malayalam language.” His writings are legendary, and the inventor of the style of poem writing called “Kilipaattu.” His Ramayana and Mahabharata are quite famous among the common people of his period and through his writings he upheld the Malayalam language and created individuality for the language, making it unique in India

Cherusseri Namboothiri
His true birth and death are still a myth among the historians, although his presence is agreed by all. He is the author of poem, “Krishna Gatha”, which, according to the Malayalam language it is a historic landmark. There are many doubts regarding his single writing since he didn’t write any other poems or any such literary works other than “Krishna Gatha.”

Kunjan Nambiar
He is also a member of the old Malayalam trio. But he is a step ahead of them since his connection with the common people. People understood his works and followed the satirical content in his works. He is the person behind the invention of the art named “Ottanthullal”

Vallathol Narayana Menon
Vallathol is one of the members in the modern trio of Malayalam poetry. With his Mahakavyam named “Chithrayogam”, he is considered to be a “Mahakavi”. His poems were filled with great literary content. His poems consist of strong Malayalam words which are not so easy for the people to grasp.

Kumaran Ashan Mahakavi
Kumaran Ashan is also one of the members in the modern trio of Malayalam poetry. He became a Mahakavi without even writing a Mahakavyam. This unique achievement makes him special in Malayalam literature. He died at a very young age but has a received reputation within a short time.

Ulloor S. Parameswara Iyer
Another member of the modern trio, Ulloor is also a Mahakavi by writing his Mahakavyam “Umakeralam.” His intrinsic style of poem writing gave him a wonderful reputation over the Malayalam literature.

G Sankara Kurup
Better known as Mahakavi G, is the first winner of the Jnanpith Award. It is quite tough to get into the list of great poets, but Sankara Kurup does have an impact in the Malayalam literature with his good amount of poems and writings.

O N V Kurup
O N V is so famous among the old and the new generation of people. His small poems and large poems may be completely unaware for the masses, but his famous film songs as a lyricist are quite common for the people. This makes him a unique poet to be included in this list.

Edasseri Govindan Nair
Edasseri is simply a legend in Malayalam literature with his various amount of literature work he had done during his time. Not only poems but also essays, plays, and lot of other literature related works.

Changampuzha Krishna Pillai
His famous work “Ramanan” is the one he is remembered for. The poem tells about a romantic elegy of Ramanan, which was so into the hearts of the youth at the time. Every person sings the song of “Ramanan” making it’s creator famous. He wrote many poems, that revealed the real life scenario , giving him the name “Nakshatrangalude Premabhajanam.”

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