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Inspirational Lessons From the Failures of Steve Jobs

Failure is a necessary experience if you want to eventually be successful. That may seem like an illogical statement, since failure and success are generally considered complete opposites. However, the experience of failure is both enlightening and motivating as long as you view it with the right perspective; learning from your mistakes and working harder to achieve your goals are both important ingredients in finding success.

Steve Jobs

A mastermind of technological innovation and corporate vision, Steve Jobs is responsible for making Apple the company it is today. However, his past is littered with failures, setbacks, and crushing defeats. Jobs started Apple in 1976 and the company began to take off, but after an unsuccessful product launch in 1985, Jobs was kicked out of his own company. Most ordinary people would have given up at that point, but instead, Jobs founded a new company called NeXT. NeXT was considered unsuccessful as well, at least for a time, until it caught the eye of a struggling Apple in 1997. Apple purchased the company and brought Jobs back into a leadership position, which he used to develop and launch Apple’s breakthrough products, including the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Perseverance is everything. Because he committed himself to doing great things, Jobs was able to work past his personal and professional failures, and eventually leave behind a monumental and unprecedented legacy.

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