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  1. The highest range of the Himalayan mountains:

a) Ladakh       b) Himachal 

c) Shiwalik       d) Himadri

2. Through the pamphlet titled “common sense” who declared that it was wise for the Americans to break the ties with Britain”?

a) George Washington

b) Thomas Paine

c) James Madison

d) John Locke

3. Name the institution constituted at the national level to prevent corruption at administrative, bureaucratic and political levels:

a) Lokayuktha            b) Ombudsman

c) Lokpal                     d) State Vigilance Commission

4. In Lattin American countries who is known as Liberator?

a) Francisco Miranda

b) Simon Bolivar

c) Jose De San Martin

d) Thomas Paine

5. The alliance formed by Italy and Germany along with Japan

a) Triple Alliance

b) Triple Entente

c) Axis powers

d) Allied powers

6. Which was the last foreign power that left from India?

a. Britishers
b. French
c. Portuguese
d. Dutch

7. Which mountain region includes Mount K2

a. Karakkoram
b. Ladak
c. Naga hills

8. Evaluate the role of writers and thinkers in the Russian Revolutions. 3

9. In China there tookplace a revolution against  Chiang Kai – Shek under the leadership of Maoze Dong. Analyse the cricumstances. 3

10.“Certain things are to be taken care in an interview”. Write any three? 3

11. Analyse the problems faced by the Palastines on the basis of West Asian problems.               3

12. Write down any four important recommendations of National Education Policy 1986? 4

13. Evaluate the need for population study? 4

14. Liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation are the concepts of neo imperialism. Substantiate the statement.                 4



  1. d) Himadri
  2. Thomas Paine
  3. c) Lokpal
  4. Simon Bolivar
  5. Axis powers
  6. c) Portuguese
  7. a) Karakkoram

8 • Writers like Maxim Gorky, Leo Tolstoy, Ivan Turgenev and Anton Chekov depicted the plight of the workers and farmers in their works.

  • The Marxist ideologies formulated by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels stirred the workers.
  • They called for establishing the supremacy of the workers instead of that by the capitalists.

9• Chiang Kai-Shek gave opportunity for foreign powers to freely interfere in China.

  • Kai-shek did not co-operate with the communists.
  • Military autocracy.

10.• Identifying the apt persons.

  • Formulating an idea of the information to be collected.
  • Preparing of suitable questions
  • Effective communication.
  • Management of time
  • Proper organisation of the information collected and preparing the report.(any three)

11.• After the formation of the nation Israel, consequently many wars broke out between Israel and the Arab nations.

  • Israel seized Palastine.
  • The Palastine refugees migrated to various Arab nations.
  • With an objective of establishing a nation for the Palastinians a movement called Palastine Liberation Organisation founded with Yasar Arafat as the President.
  • The effort for become a free nation is continues.

12• Focusing on primary and continuing education

  • Operation Blackboard Programme
  • Starting Navodaya Vidyalayas in every district
  • Encouraging girls’ education

13• Informs the availability of human resource in a country.

  • Depicts the extent of basic facilities required by the people.
  • Quantifies the goods and services required.
  • Determines the socio – economic development policies.

14. Liberalisation – Adoption of Liberal regulation to facilitate the import of multinational products and capital.

  • Privatisation – Privatisation of public sector institutions to promote private sector.
  • Globalisation – Trans – border flow of products, raw materials, capital, latest technology and human resources all over the world.


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