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  1. Find the missing item in the second pair on the basis of the relationship between the items in the first pair. Write the relationship between the items in the pair also.

Chemotherapy : Cancer treatment

Cardiology : ……………………..

  1. What are genetic scissors? Give an example.
  2. Complete the statement.

The different forms of a gene that controls a character are called ………………… .

  1. Find the odd one in the group. Write the common character of the others.

Axon, Dendron, Thalamus, Synaptic knob

  1. What is meant by heredity?
  2. Which of the following is the instrument used to get three-dimensional visuals of internal organs with the help of computer, using X-rays?

(a) Magnetic resonance imaging scanner. 

(b) Computed tomography scanner

(c) Electrocardiogram

(d) Electroencephalogram

  1. Which among the following hormones has no role in the maintenance of blood glucose? 

Cortisol, Glucagone, Aldosterone, Insulin

  1. Tabulate the given items appropriately.

(a)  The part that helps to feel sensations.

(b) Controls involuntary actions.

(c) Rod-shaped part, near the cerebellum. 

(d)  Controls voluntary activities. 

Cerebrum Medulla oblongata


  1. What is the role of the following (a and b) in the clotting of blood.
  2. a) Thromboplastin b) Thrombin
  3. Complete the table.
Protein needed for treatment Disease/Symptoms
—-(a)—- Viral diseases
Insulin —(b)—-
—-(c)—- Pain
Somatotropin —(d)—


  1. Complete the flowchart related to the action of genes.

mRNA is formed from DNA🠢 (a) 🠢 (b) 🠢(c)🠢(d)🠢 Protein is synthesised.

  1. Given below in the box are the symptoms of a disease.
Loss of body weight, Fatigue,

 Persistent cough


(a) Identify the disease.

(b) Name the pathogen causing the disease.

(c) How is this disease transmitted?

  1. Make appropriate pairs using the information given in the box.
Promotes growth, Prolactin, Increase energy production, Aldosterone, Production of milk, Maintains blood pressure, Somatotropin, Thyroxine


  1. What is cancer? How do ordinary cells transform into cancer cells?
  2. Correct the errors if any in the following statements related to the sensation of taste and arrange them in correct order.
  3. a) Food particles dissolve in saliva
  4. b) Impulses reach the cerebrum
  5. c) Experiences the sense of taste
  6. d) Impulses form
  7. e) Chemo-receptors are stimulated


  1. Treatment of the heart; Specialisation in medicine and the related area.
  2. The enzyme used to cut genes is called genetic scissors. 

Example: Restriction endonuclease

  1. Alleles
  2. Thalamus; The others are parts of neurons.
  3. The transmission of features of parents to offspring is called heredity.
  4. (b)Computed tomography scanner



Cerebrum Medulla oblongata
(a), (d) (b), (c)


  1. (a) Thromboplastin converts the protein prothrombin in plasma into thrombin in the presence of calcium ions and vitamin K.

(b)Thrombin converts the protein fibrinogen in plasma into fibrin fibres.

  1. (a) Interferons 

(b) Diabetes

(c) Endorphin

(d) Growth disorders

11.(a) mRNA reaches outside nucleus.

(b) mRNA reaches ribosome. 

(c) tRNA takes different kinds of amino acids to ribosome.

(d) Based on the information from mRNA, amino acids are combined.

  1. (a) Tuberculosis 

(b) Mycobacterium tuberculosis  

(c) When the patient speaks, coughs or sneezes,  the pathogens spread into air and from there to other people.

  1. Prolactin Production of milk

Somatotropin Promotes growth

Aldosterone Maintains blood pressure

Thyroxine –  Increase energy production

  1. Cancer is the uncontrolled division of cells and their spread to other tissues.

Normal cells get transformed into cancerous cells when the control system of cell division fails.

  1. a)Food particles dissolve in saliva
  2. b) Chemo-receptors are stimulated
  3. c) Impulses form
  4. d) Impulses reach the cerebrum
  5. e) Experiences the sense of taste


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