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Model Questions And Answers | SSLC  BIOLOGY


  1. Find the odd one in the group. Write the common feature of the others.

Vestibule, Conjunctiva, Eustachian tube,

  1. What is target cell?
  2. Complete the sentence.

—— is the remedy for glaucoma.

  1. Find the missing item in the second pair on the basis of the relationship between the items in the first pair. Write the nature of the relationship between the items also.

$ Neurons in the brain are destroyed: Alzheimer’s disease

Continuous and irregular form of electric charges in the brain: …………..

  1. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives. Which is the function of abscisic acid?

A – Cell differentiation.

B – Dropping of fruits.

C – Grow the terminal buds.

D – Dormancy of embryo in seed.

  1. Identify the correct pair.
    Cataract – Eye lens becomes opaque|
    Xerophthalmia – The reabsorption of aqueous humour is blocked.
    Colour – blindness – Cornea becomes dry and opaque.
  2. Make suitable pairs using the given nitrogen bases.

Adenine, thymine, guanine, cytosine



  1. What roles do the following parts play in reflex action?|
    a- Inter neuron;            b – Motor neuron
  2. Make appropriate pairs using the items given in the box.
Snake, Ommatidia, Lateral line, Planaria, Jacobson’s organ, Shark, Eye spot, House-fly


  1. Honey bees live in colonies.
    a)The substances that help organisms for such a life are known by a common name. What is it?
    b)What are the functions of such substances?Answers

    1. Conjunctiva, The others are parts of the ear.
    2. Each hormone acts upon only those cells which have specific receptors. The cells which are acted upon by hormones are called target cells.
    3. Laser surgery
    4. Epilepsy; Diseases affecting the nervous system.
    5. D – Dormancy of embryo in seed.
    6. a – Cataract – Eye lens becomes opaque.
    7. Adenine – Thymine

    Guanine – Cytosine

    1. a – Inter neuron: Generates quick responses according to the sensory impulses.

    b – Motor neuron: Carries information from the spinal cord to the related muscles.

    1. Planaria – Eye spot; House fly – Ommatidia;shark – Lateral line; Snake – Jacobson’s organ
    2. a. Pheromones
      b)Attracting mates, informing about the availability of food, determining the path of travel, informing about dangers.


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