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SSLC English A+ Capsule : Part – VII


1. The boy was thrilled at seeing the fight between the cobra and the mongoose. Prepare a write up describing the fight scene in your own words
(Hints: The boy sits on top of Banyan Tree- a huge black cobra glide out- a
mongoose emerges from the bushes- a battle of champions- a myna and a jungle crow arrives- intervenes in the fight- the craw dies- the final result of the fight)

The boy was sitting on the platform half up the tree. It was an April afternoon. When he looked out, he saw a huge cobra gliding out of a clump of a cactus. At the same time a grey mongoose came out from the bushes. They were superb fighters. They came face to face beneath the tree. They were unaware of the presence of the boy. The boy was looking down through the leaves. He could see the two ferocious animals. It was an incredible experience. There were two spectators, myna and crow to witness the fight. They were sitting to know the result of the fight.
The cobra was a strong fighter. The cobra proved that he was clever. The mongoose was faster and quicker in motion than the cobra. The mongoose opened the attack. The cobra hissed and darted his forked tongue in and out. It spread its spectacled hood to frighten the mongoose. The mongoose with its long thick hair and bushy tail faced the cobra. The long hair on his spine stood up. The cobra stood on the defensive way and swayed slowly from side to side and tried to mesmerize the mongoose to make a false move. However the mongoose was well aware of the power of its opponent. He fixed his gaze at a point below the cobra’s hood and started on his back. The cobra struck back and but missed the aim. The mongoose darted very swiftly and bit the cobra. By this time the cobra became tired and weak. The mongoose walked to it fearlessly and caught it by the snout. The cobra writhed in pain and coiled around the mongoose. The cobra ceased struggling. Then the mongoose gripped it round the hood and dragged into the bushes. Finally the mongoose won the fight. Grandpa was pleased with the result. The myna came and gave a shrill cry of congratulation and flew away.

2. On reaching home, the narrator, narrates to his wife, the touching incident of meeting with Mr. John and knowing about his dramatic transformation. What would be the likely narrative?
It was really an exciting trip. you know, I just could not believe myself. It was all messed up in the beginning. Last week on my journey to America, I came across a couple. They were staring at me from a distance. It irritated me a bit but later I realised that they were eager to talk to me. At first they talked to me with much hesitation. They spoke about the intention of their voyage. They had been making a tour of the New England States, inspecting many of the summer recreational camps for young people there. They even visited settlement houses in New York and other cities to study the methods employed in dealing with cases of backward, maladjusted and deliquent youth. He was a solictor by profession but still found time to run a charitable organisation devoted to the care of young boys and girls. He and his wife had been active for the past 15 years in the field of youth welfare with much curiosity. I asked them what had directed them into this channel. The few moments that followed were very dramatic. I was reminded of an incident that took place a few years back. I happened to save the life of a young man who attempted suicide. The young man had stole money from his office for final gambling. Lost in bad company and luxuries, he had wasted all his wealth. Being a loser in the final gambling, he felt so desperate and depressed. Terrified of the prosecution that must follow, he attempted suicide. After hearing his life story realising his pathetic condition, the landlady, the sergent of police and myself decided to give the young man a fresh start. the sergeant resolved to make no report on the case. The landlady offered free boarding until he should get up on his feet again. While I gave him the seven pounds and ten shillings to put back in the office safe. Twenty five years back. I had rescued him from a tragedy and now he is before me, a vibrant young man ready to head societal missions. I was really excited to witness such a great transformation. A kind word, the timely interference and advice can create wonders in the life of people. The young man turned out to be a contributing member of the society. His experiences taught him many things about life and now he does the same to many young people. I had given him only a small amount, but that had turned out to be the best investment I had ever made.

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