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SSLC English A+ Capsule : Part – VI

Character sketch

The boy is the central character in the story ‘Adventures in a Banyan Tree’. He appears to be a student. He is the ardent lover of nature and lives close with wild creatures around him. The wonderful tree provides him with endless pleasure and comfort. He was keen to watch the fight between the mongoose and cobra. He was astonished by the enchanting beauty of nature. He enjoys his friendship with animals and birds. He spends his fruitful time for reading wide variety of books. He enjoys the loving sights and sounds of nature.

The Homeopath is a chief character in the story ‘The snake and the Mirror’ written by Vaikom Mohammed Basheer. It deals with an encounter between a doctor and a snake. The doctor is a young, handsome and eligible bachelor. He was living in a rented building and it was un electrified house. The house was full of rats. As he was an admirer of beauty, he took earth shaking decisions. He should shave daily and grow a thin moustache to look more handsome. He would always keep an attractive smile on his face as he was a handsome bachelor doctor. He has a good humor sense too. He is also very humble and simple in nature. He would marry a young doctor who had a plenty of money and a good medical practice. He felt pity for himself when he knew he didn’t have necessary medicines if the snake had bitten him.

Martha’s Grandfather
Martha’s grandfather is probably the most important character in the story. He is a farmer owning a two- hundred acre ranch. He is presented in the story as a hardworking person with strong determination and personality. Though he is uneducated, he believes that it is injustice to pay for a deserving award. So he strongly stands with his belief even when his grand daughter cries. His words “ If you pay for it, it won’t be a scholarship jacket” brings Martha the award. He remains indifferent when he hears both good and bad news from his grand daughter, Martha. When she tells him about her winning the jacket, he still doesn’t express his rejoice through words. He just gives her a smile and a pat on her shoulder. Even though he is a man of few words, he is a man of wisdom.


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