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SSLC English A+ Capsule : Part – V


1. Prepare the likely diary entry of the boy with his friendship with the squirrel.

April 2nd 2022, Monday.
What a beautiful sight it was! It was a pleasant experience to stay with my grandparents. I happened to see a young grey squirrel there. I made close friendship with it. It was afraid of me in the beginning. Later I made friendship with it. It was anxious moments. I enjoyed its presence greatly. I have never seen white squirrels in my life. I never expected I would see these cute animals there. It puzzled me a lot. I could not believe to myself there. I still enjoy its cute presence. I can’t think of such a memorable vacation.

2. The principal told Martha the change in policy regarding the scholarship jacket. She was totaly shattered. She couldn’t help crying. If she wrote her emotions in her diary how would be that. Attempt the diary note of Martha.

5th march 2022, Monday
What a terrible experience ! I couldn’t bear this anymore. How could they do this? It’s my turn this year to recieve the scholorship jacket. There might have been a conspiracy. It’s a tricky plan to award the jacket to Joann. And the reason for that cannot be justified in any circumstances. She is the daughter of the Board member and her father has the only store in town. Is that the criteria for honouring an award? Is that the point to deny a girl of having A plus grade for eight years? Or myself being a Mexican? Mr.Boone mentioned like that. How can a teacher advocate racial discrimination? What is to be counted for awarding the valedictorian? It’s me who deserve that. Will they falsify the records?
Sometimes Mr. Schmidt may support me in the board meeting. I should get the scholorship jacket. That is my dream, my aim.

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