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  1. Prepare a review of the lesson ‘My Sister’s Shoes’
  2. Come to me dear Grandad and take me away from here. ‘This sad cry of a nine year old boy sums up the story of Vanka. Narrate the story in your own words. You may begin like this: Vanka was a nine year old boy… (Hints: An orphan – apprentice to a shoemaker – miserable life – Christmas eve -no joy -writes letter- describes the cruelties of his master – cherishes memories of Christmas days in village – wishes to live with grandpa – posts the letter)
  3. A journalist came to know about Vanka’s sufferings in the shoemaker’s workplace. He reported this case of child labour with great importance. Prepare the likely newspaper report.
  4. After winning the sholorship jacket, Martha has a conversation with her grandfather. How will it be?
  5. The youngman was moved by the kind deeds of the trio-the doctor, the sergeant and the landlady. His heart filled with gratitude. If he wrote his emotion in his diary, how would that be?
  6. The Film Club of your school has decided to stage the play ‘The never-Never Nest’ in the school auditorium. As a part of the annual day celebration. As you are the secretary of the club, you are asked to prepare the notice. Prepare the likely notice.
  7. Ali lost Zahra’s shoes. She can’t even inform her parents. So she decided to write a letter to her friend about her feelings. Prepare the likely letter.
  8. Mr. John delivers a speech to the deliquent youths of his society on how he was able to cope up the stress he once faced. Imagine and write how the speech would be.
  9. Prepare a character sketch of Nilkanta
  10. Read the following hints and fill in the blanks

Anton Chekhov : Born on 29 January 1860, Taganrog, Russia

Famous as : Shortstory writer and a leading playwright

Major works : The lady with the dog, The seagull, and Uncle Vanya

Awards : Lucille Lord award and Pushkin prize

Died : 1904 on July 14.


  1. My Sister’s Shoes – review

It’s a part of the famous film ‘Children of Heaven’ directed by Majid Majidi. It comprises four scenes. In the first scene we get the close up shots of the protagonist Ali. Zahra’s shoes emerges as an important element here. We get some concepts about Ali’s life in this scene. Second scene speaks up of the discipline and obedience of the boy. The third and fourth scenes showcase the challenges and troubles in Ali’s life. The poor boy is scared to convince his problem either to the shopkeeper or to his parents. But he trusts his sister a lot and hopes she will support him. The camera could provide a detailed story of his familial background and their life style. In my opinion, these four scenes could successfully reflect the soul of that film.

  1. Vanka is an orphaned boy who is forced to work under Alyakhin the shoemaker.He is leading a miserable life without proper food or sleep.Besides he is illtreated by his master and mistress.Vanka is afraid of his master even to write a letter to his gran dad.He is so innocent that the letter he writes is full of his childlike observations of life.Though he is very sad never accuses his grandfather.He is hopeful of his coming to save him.Vanka is nostalgic about his life in the village.He is very submissive and obedient and is ready to do anything for grandfather.The most appealing factor of Vanka is his optimistic longing for the return to his village.

2 January, Moscow : A nine year old orphan boy faces the most atrocious situation here in Moscow. The boy’s name is Ivan Zhukov who is called Vanka. He is a peasant boy. He was sent to Moscow from his village and apprenticed to the shoemaker Alyakhin. The boy has one kinsman in this world. His grandfather Konstatin Makarich is a night watchman in the estate of Zivarev in the village. When the boy’s mother died, the oldman send him to Moscow. But the shoemaker has been constantly abusing and underfeeding him. Vanka was beaten cruely by his master and mistress for no reasons. Child labour is restricted by law even years before. This is purely an example of child abuse and exploitation. It’s against child rights. The authority should open their eyes to this type of violation of law and order. This is not a single case of exploitation-our reports have got evidences for the same from many parts of the city. It’s hightime to take neccessary actions against this illegal deed.


  1. Martha : Grandfather, grandfather, see what I have got?

Grandfather : Whats that?

Martha : This, this is my scholarship jacket.

Grandfather : Ha,Ha…..didn’t I tell you, you will get it.

Martha : Yes, grandfather, I told my principal as you said that awards and honours cannot be bought with money.

Grandfather : Good: that is the truth my dear, I am glad that they understood.

Martha : Thanks a lot grandfather, if it wasn’t you, I would haven’t got it.

Grandfather : No dear, not at all. You were the person who really deserved it, so you got it.

Martha : Yes’ grandfather, you know the efforts I took to aquire this.

Grandfather : Yes, dear, God is always there with you. congrats dear.

Martha : Thank you grand father. I love my jacket, It was my dream, and I achieved it.

  1. 15 February 1942, Tuesday

What a horrific day it was! A moment’s thought threw me apparently lifeless. I was a coward. Not at all dare to live. I was afraid to face the prosecution. Actually I am utterly friendless. If I have a true friend to reach out to, I will never sink in despair. Someone might be there to solve my problems to share my worries. The doctor and the sergeant showered mercy on me. I couldn’t understand my house owner. She is too kind to let me stay here free until I get upon my feet. Will anyone help a person risking his own job? The sergeant did that. He promised to solve the case without any court procedure. And the doctor! Instead of recieving payment for his service, he gave money to put back in the office safe. How could I repay all these acts of kindness? They appeared before me as the messengers of God. Like them I will also help people in their needs. I would never ever go back to that dark alleys of life. I should rejuvenate myself. I will dedicate my life for the welfare of mal adjusted and delinquent youth. They lit the light of virtue in me, and I will burn it forever.

  1. NOTICE 

Govt.H S S Kollam

Date: 25-01-2021

Sub:- Staging of the play- ‘The Never-Never Nest’

Dear Friends,

The film club of our school has decided to stage the play ‘The Never-Never Nest’ by Cederic Mount as ap part of the Annual Day Celebrations. The script writing and direction have done by the members of the film club. The famous film director, Mr.Adoor Goplalakrishnan has consented to inaugurate the function. All are requested to be present at the school auditorium at 1.30 am on 25th January 2021 without fail.


Film Club

Love Shore


10th september, 2021

Dear Haneena,

How are you? It’s long since I have heard of you. How is your studies now?

I am writing this letter to share my feelings with you. You know, I have a pair of pink shoes, my favourite one. My brother Ali lost it. As the shoes needs repair, he took it to the cobbler’s shop.He didn’t know where he had lost them.How can I go to school without my shoes? As you know, my family is very poor. My father does not have enough money to buy a new pair of shoes.If I ask him for a new pair, he will punish both of us.I think my brother is careless.Now he offers me his sneakers.I don’t know whether it is comfortable for me.I am in a dilemma.Will you please pray to get my shoes back? 

Waiting for your early reply. Convey my prayers to all the members of your family. May God bless you all.

With love



  1. Dear friends, today I think is the best day in my life. As I am standing in front of you with my head held high and with great pride. I would like to tell you the importance of ‘self help’ and I think I am the best example of it.

You may not know, I too had a very bad past. I was a person who came from a poor family. But, unfortunately I fell into the clutches of some loose guys. I went to the extent of stealing money from the office locker for gambling on horses. The moment I realised that I had lost everything, I decided to commit suicide. But, God had his own will. I was saved by a few strangers. That was the turning point of my life. When I regained my second birth, I found the landlady, a sergeant and a doctor in front of me. The land lady offered not to take any rent. This sergeant promised he would not file a case and the most important part was played by the doctor. He not only saved my life but also paid me to keep the money back in the safe. Those three peple were strangers but their good will and hospitality completely changed my view of life. I realised that I would make myself an entirely a new human being. I took the decision to help youngsters to break free from the chains of drugs and gamblings. Now I am standing before you, a completely changed man. Nobody was there to guide me. But now I am there to help you, guide you and council you to lead a better life. I want to make you feel free, confident and happy More over, I want you all to be self reliant and independent. You should go back to the main stream in the society and you are free from the shackles of shame and degradation. I am deeply obliged that I have totally changed. I am a barrister and I am travelling around the world to help youth like you to get up and face the world. Thanks a lot for providing this golden opportunity to tell my story. I want to be an inspiration to you all.Thank you all for listening to me so patiently. 

Thank you all.

  1. Nilkanta is one of the major characters of the short story ‘ The Castaway’ by Rabindranath Tagore. The story tells about Nilkanta, a young orphan who tries to win the affection and love of Kiran, the lady of the house. He is given shelter by Kiran. The emotional journey of Nilkanta is very vividly presented in the story. His age is not disclosed in the story. Though he seems to be about fourteen, he seems to be seventeen by his actions. Nilkanta is a survivor from a boat wreck, and he reaches Kiran’s house. Nilkanta led a miserable life. We can say that after reaching Kiran’s house he has come to know what happiness was. He was very much loved by Kiran. But except Kiran all in the house disliked his presence. But, he was mischievous by nature. He was like a nuisance to all, may be because of his upbringing. Kiran’s husband Sharat too hated him, and always longed for his departure. He developed friendship with a band of naughty boys, which was not at all acceptable by the family members. We can see another face of Nilkanta when Satish comes to Kiran’s house. Nilkanta was accused of stealing Satish’s inkstand. None other than Kiran believed in him. But, unfortunately when the inkstand was found in Nilkanta’s box, she couldn’t control his feelings. This led to the missing of Nilkanta. We feel pity for Nilkanta because he was craving for love, but when he saw it fading he left that house. Tagore very beutifully represents the internal conflicts of a young boy

Anton Chehkov

The world famous Russian short story writer Anton Chehkov was born on 29 January, in the year 1860, in Taganrog, Russia. He was a shortstory writer and a leading playwright. His major works were The lady with the dog, The seagull, and Uncle Vanya. He got Lucille Lord award and Pushkin prize. He passed away in the year 1904 on July 14.


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