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School To Reopen from Nov 15 onwards, only tenth and 12th classes in first phase

A decision will be taken soon on the reopening of schools in the state. The education department has given a letter to the government stating that schools can be opened from November 15th onwards. The classes will be only for 10th and 12th and it will be conducted in separate batches after maintaining a social distance. The classes will start after holding talks with health experts as the transmission of COVID continues strongly. Schools are now opened in Uttar Pradesh and Puthussery. Classes will begin in Tamil Nadu from November 16.

Though the center had permitted to open schools from October 15 onwards, none of the states were willing to open. With only months left for exams for Classes 10 and 12 in the state, it was decided to start classes in compliance with COVID Safety Act to address the concerns of the parents. However there will be no classes in area where COVID is severe.

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