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Russia names its new Covid-19 vaccine as ‘Sputnik V’


Russia has decided to name its first COVID 19 vaccine as ‘Sputnik V’ for the foreign markets since this name is a reference to the first satellite of the world. This is a big success for the Russian government since Russia is the first country to register a vaccine for the COVID 19 disease.


Russia has announced that it is going to register its vaccine on August 12 and this is developed by Gamaleya Institute and Defence Ministry of the country. However, it is not clear whether the country has complied with all the guidelines of testing the vaccine and that is why; WHO is also not sure of the effectiveness and safety of this vaccine. Russia has also stated that around 20 countries have already pre-booked one billion doses of COVID 19 vaccine for the patients in their countries.


What is Sputnik V?
Sputnik V was the first-ever artificial satellite launched by Russia. Now, Russia has compared the development of COVID 19 vaccine with that space race and in order to showcase its victory in this race, that space reference is being used in this case also.

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