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How People Above 18 Should Register For Vaccine: Step-by-Step Guide

The Government of India on Monday announced the vaccination drive will be open to all above the age of 18 years, starting May 1. As a result, each and every citizen of India above 18 years of age will be eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, regardless of comorbidities. The decision on a ‘liberalised and accelerated Phase 3 strategy of Covid-19 vaccination’ was taken after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with doctors.
The government announced that the vaccination drive will be held as earlier. Coronavirus vaccines will be free of cost at all government-run Covid centres, while private hospitals can ‘transparently declare’ a self-set cost for the vaccine.

Phase 3 of coronavirus vaccination for people above the age of 18 will commence on May 1. Here’s how you can register on the CoWIN app.
Covid-19 Vaccination Phase 3: Documents Required
You will need at least one of the following documents at the time of registration, along with a Photo ID:
The government said procurement, eligibility, administration of coronavirus vaccines are being made flexible. As per the order, vaccine manufacturers would supply 50 per cent of their monthly Central Drugs Laboratory released doses to the Government of India and would be free to supply the remaining 50 per cent doses to state governments and in the open market.

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