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Presence of Iron and Nitrate found in groundwater at various places in Thrissur

A study conducted by the Central Ground Water Board found the presence of iron and nitrate in groundwater at various places in Thrissur. The presence of iron was found in Chalakudy, Pazhayannur, Kodakara, Ollukkara and Vadakkancherry.

However, nitrate was found in isolated areas of Kechery, Kodungallur, Mupliyam and Perinjanam. Further, some tube wells in the western region have shown signs of saltwater mixed with the groundwater.

The study pointed out that erosion in coastal areas has resulted in groundwater quality depleting in the reservoirs. Further, the presence of saltwater was also found in those floodplains.

The Board’s study reminds us that intensive water conservation activities should be implemented taking into account the status and characteristics of the groundwater table in each area of ​​the district.

Key Recommendations

  • Ponds and reservoirs should be cleaned before the monsoon.
  • Roof water storage and recharging of wells should be encouraged. The recharge system should be cleaned before it starts raining.
  • It is better to store rainwater in suitable tanks than to recharge in the eastern parts of the district. In addition, large wells can be constructed to store rainwater for use in the summer.
  • Saltwater inflow can be controlled by constructing regulators.
  • Water should be filtered after oxidation or aeration to remove iron.
  • Use better-shielded toilet tanks to control contamination
  • The construction of tube wells should be regulated.
  • Abandoned quarries can be used to retain water for several purposes.
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