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Some Phrasal Verbs and their meanings

  1.  be taken aback – be shocked or astonished
  2.  come across- meet or find by chance
  3.  end up- to be in a place or situation
  4.  get along- make a friendly relation; manage a situation
  5.  get away -escape
  6.  get over- recover from, overcome
  7.  get through- Succeed in an exam, competition etc
  8.  get up- rise from bed after sleeping
  9.  give in- surrender, yield
  10.  give up -abandon; stop making an effort, yield
  11.  go for- compete; move to attack
  12.  go on- continue
  13.  go through- experience a difficult situation; read or examine
  14.  let off -release, forgive
  15.  look after -take care of; protect
  16.  make out- understand
  17.  make up- one’s mind make a decision, decide
  18.  pay off- to be successful
  19.  put across -explain an idea; convey something
  20.  put off- postpone
  21.  put on- wear
  22.  put up- display a notice etc.; construct
  23.  Put up with- tolerate
  24.  set out- begin a journey; start an activity
  25.  set up- arrange something; establish or build
  26.  take off- remove clothe, etc. (bird, aircraft) begin to fly
  27.  turn down -decline; reject
  28.  turn up- appear; show up; arrive
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