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P U Chitra made news in 2019 when the athletic foundation of India denied her ticket to participate in the London world championship. This was after her grand victory in women’s 1500 metere at Asian Athletic Championship. She had won gold for her country, making victory in 4 minutes 14.56 seconds . In 2017 also she had won gold for India in the race held at Bhuvaneswar . The sports lovers of India could not accept this injustice . They reacted en masse and the matter was taken to court Her name was included in the list after the high court of kerala gave direction . She got included in India’s squad for the London World Champianship. For her, it was a long cherished dream come true and she closed the mouths of critics by winning gold in the championship.

She was awarded the Sthree Shakti award for Contestants in Sports, in 2018. It was an honour conferred for her brilliant achievement in sports.But in truth, it was an acknowledgement of her untiring efforts from a tender age which had raised her to peaks of excellence.

Chitra was born on june 9 , 1995 in Mundur, Palakkadu district. Her parents, Unnikrishnan and Vasanthakumari, were agricultural labourers who did menial jobs to sustain their family of six, themselves and their four children. Chitra, their third child went along with her siblings to Mundur Higher Secondary School. Here, she was lucky enough to receive Rs. 25 per day from the sports authority of India under a scheme for young athletes. It greatly helped in meeting her basic training needs.

The stark realities of life never daunted her. She put her heart in to getting herself trained. Her coach Sijin N. S has high words of praise for chitra who showed such commitment and will power. He has certified that he never came across an athlete with the kind of drive Chitra possessed Even as a school going girl her rigorous practice won for her gold medals in the 1500 metere, 3000 metere , 5000 metere race and a bronze in 3 km. cross country in the 56thndian National School Games held in Pune Maharashtra in 2011. The victory was repeated in 2013 when she won gold medal in the 58th Indian National School Games held in Etawah, UP in 2013 she also took part in the first ever Asian School Atheletic Meet, winning gold in the 3000 metere race and reaching the finishing line10:05:22. She won laurels in the 59th Indian National School Games held at Ranchi, Orissa.

Chitra continues to run along the track of glory, undaunted and calm. The story of Chitra is the story of a girl defying odds and realising her dreams.

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