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Public examinations will be conducted in all classes from first class : Minister V Sivankutty

Minister V Sivankutty said that public examinations will be conducted in all classes from first class. The minister made the announcement at a press conference in Thiruvananthapuram.  All exams including model tests will be conducted. All the previous examinations have been conducted flawlessly by the Department of Education. Students and parents will be able to take the exams without any hassle. The minister said that teachers, parents and people’s representatives are cooperating well.

Minister V Sivankutty said there was no impediment to classes 1 to 9 working till evening and a decision in this regard would be taken soon. Special guidelines are being prepared in case of resumption of schooling from first class from 14th February. Classes will be held on this basis. He said the education department was trying to prepare students for the exams. Classes are planned to be from morning to evening. The minister said comprehensive criteria would be introduced for classes from pre-primary to class nine. The emphasis is on completing the lessons before the exam. That is why the study time has been extended.

There will be changes in the academic field from the next academic year. From playgrounds to library facilities will be prepared. The aim is to qualify students so that they can succeed in the competitive entrance examinations held on a national basis. There will be no change at lunch.

The study of 10th, 11th and 12th classes in the state started from yesterday. The remaining classes will start from the 14th.

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