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NMMS Scholarship Examination Syllabus


National Means – cum – Merit Scholarship Examination (NMMS)

The centrally sponsored scheme National Means – Cum – Merit Scholarship Scheme is to award scholarship to meritorious students to economically weaker sections at Class VIII conducted by SCERT in state level.

Mental Aptitude Test (MAT)

Mental Ability is the inborn ability of an individual to comprehend, analyses and solve the problems in daily life. However, problem solving skills can be learnt and applied to solve increasingly complex problems, from materials  to abstract.

Verbal Test

The types of questions included in this section are as follows:

  1. Series completion
  2. Analogy
  3. Classification / odd man out
  4. Coding / Decoding
  5. Direction test
  6. Mathematical Test
  7. Inserting missing numbers
  8. Cubes and Dice
  9. Logical Venn diagram
  10. Matrix
  11. Problem of Ages
  12. Blood and Family Relation
  13. Analytical Reasoning


Non – Verbal Test

  1. Classification
  2. Similarity
  3. Completion of incomplete pattern
  4. Series Analogy
  5. Construction of Squares
  6. Images
  7. Paper cutting and folding
  8. Spotting out the embedded figure
  9. Figure matrix


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