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National Law Day 2020

National Law Day 2020, also known as Constitution Day of India is celebrated on November 26 every year. It is called Samvidhan Diwas in Hindi and is celebrated to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution in India, in the year 1949. On this day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India formally adopted the Constitution of India that came into force on January 26, 1950. According to a report by Firstpost, the National Law Day commemorates the pledge of Purna Swaraj, passed in the Lahore session of the Congress in 1930.

The Constitution Day is celebrated to pay tribute to Dr BR Ambedkar, the man behind the drafting of the Indian Constitution. It is said that the two months between the adoption and enforcement of the Constitution was used for reading and translation of the document from English to Hindi.

The day aims at highlighting the significance of the Indian constitution and to spread thoughts and ideas of BR Ambedkar. The Indian constitution was drafted by the Constituent Assembly over a 165-day period. Our constitution sets out fundamental rights, directive principles, and duties of citizens, and declares India a sovereign, secular, socialist, and democratic republic. 

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