Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Mask Age


Where have all those smiles gone?
That lovely curve of lips,
The bright flash,
When eye meets eye?
The beautiful beam,
That brightens your day?

Behind masks …

And now it no longer matters.
You smile…
And don’t get one in return.
Or so it seems.

And oh, it was so much more easier
Before the mask-age.
Smiles had cost nothing
But many were mingy.
And now we long to reach out,
To connect…
Atleast with a smile.

But that’s not the norm.
The smile behind the mask,
However pretty,
is a wasted one.

We have to relearn to smile.
To smile with our hearts and eyes.
Not a grimace or a grin,
But the scrunched up, crinkly one,
That should unfurl from our hearts
And reach the eyes.

Annie Cyriac 

Amrita HS

Moolavattom Kottayam

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