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Manas National Park: A Wild Utopia In The North East

Far, far away in the land of North East is a utopia where you will find the most exotic wildlife living in harmony. Manas National Park, Assam is the only place to be distincted as biosphere reserve, a natural heritage site, Project Tiger Reserve, and Project Elephant Reserve all at the same time.

Located in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, the park is flanked by the giant Manas River separating it from Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan. Home to the Royal Bengal Tiger and Wild Buffaloes, it offers you a myriad of activities to appreciate the diversity of the region. If you want a wholesome and fulfilling experience amidst nature, Manas National Park in India is the place to be.

Things to do at Manas National Park

Manas National Park Tourism offers a variety of activities for the visitors to enjoy and appreciate the diversity of the nature. Check this out to know all about the exciting things to do at Manas National Park, Assam.

1. Jeep Safari

Manas National Park is home to more than 20 endangered species of birds and animals. Get the rare sightings of exotic Manas wildlife sanctuary animals including Assam roofed turtle, pygmy hog, and hispid hare. The beautiful raw surroundings will make you feel overwhelming love for nature.

2. Elephant Safari

Riding on an elephant’s back and riding through the park is another interesting way to spot Manas National Park animals. These gorgeous giants are a part of the national park. The elephant ride gives you access to the regions of the park where jeep is not allowed. You get a different perspective of the park from sitting on the back of a pachyderm.

3. River Rafting

For adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts, river rafting on the slow waters of Manas River is an exhilarating experience. The 35-km ride takes you through the wild deciduous forests which are home to 400 different species of birds. Rafting on the deep azure waters of the river is kind of an experience you should really look forward to.

4. Village & Tea Plantations Visit

The sanctuary is also home to local Bodo villages where small indigenous communities of Ghatigaon and Ragu Bil stay in harmony. If you are lucky, you can join them in their music and dance sessions. Assam is famous for its tea plantations and you can see plenty of them just right outside the park. Make a halt at Fatemabad Tea Estate next to Bansbari Lodge to take a walk through their pretty estate.

5. Birdwatching

Time to take out your binoculars because you are going to spot a lot of fancy birds here. In a region so rich in fauna, you will birds you have never seen or heard of before. In every direction, you will hear the distinct coos of the various birds. If you are a bird lover, this place is a paradise for you.

Best Time to Visit the Park

The best time to visit Manas National park in Assam is from November to April. The weather is pleasant and there is higher probability of spotting more fauna. The park is open everyday in these six months unless due to exceptional reasons like rain or safety. Though the park is partially opened in the months of May and October. Since June to September is a monsoon period, the park remains closed.

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