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Paranoid of virus, this man booked an entire flight to Bali.

Everyone is paranoid about the pandemic. But this man took a unique decision to book an entire flight to protect himself from COVID-19. Famous Jakarta socialite, Richard Muljadi booked an entire flight because he was scared of the virus. On January 4 he took to Instagram and told his followers that he booked the whole flight because he and his wife, Shalvynne Chang, were paranoid of getting the virus. He booked the entire flight to Bali.

“After I’d book(ed) as many seats as possible, it was still cheaper than chattering (chartering) a PJ (private jet). “Had to make sure no one else (was on) this flight. We ain’t flying unless it’s just us.” He exited the flight by writing ‘bye ghost ship.’ However his claims were countered by the airlines which said that he had only booked two seats. The version put out by the socialite was believed by many as he is known for his extravagant spending.

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