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Line 14: World’s Longest Metro Line Opens in Shanghai

Upholding its rank as the city with the largest Metro network in the world, China’s Shanghai on Thursday (December 31) opened two new metro lines – Line 14 and Phase One of Line 18. With the new lines, the total length of Shanghai’s metro network has extended to 831 km, continuing to be the longest in the world.

The opening of two new lines has increased the total number of fully automatic metro lines in Shanghai to five, having an operating length of 167 km. Now, there are 20 metro lines and 508 stations in Shanghai. Out of 508 stations, 83 are transfer ones. The new Line 14 with an operating length of 38 km is the first fully automatic metro line for eight-car trains in Shanghai. With 31 stations, it is expected to serve as a horizontal artery in the metropolis. The brand new 38-km metro Line 14 passes through some of Shanghai’s main areas including Jiading, Putuo, Jing’an, Huangpu districts and Pudong New Area with 31 stations.

Some of the city’s most renowned tourist attractions and landmarks downtown, including Jing’an Temple and Lujiazui, are accessible by metro Line 14. Meanwhile, Delhi is ranked as the world’s third-largest Metro network. The Phase IV track of the Delhi Metro, totaling 103.93km, is expected to open in 2024. This will expand the network line to approximately 453km, followed by London at 402km.

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