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Lockdown-like curbs in Kerala on Today | Here’s a list of restrictions

Lockdown-like curbs will be imposed in Kerala on Sunday, January 30, in a bid to control the spurt in COVID-19 cases.

The public are expected to limit their travel to only emergencies and procurement of essential items or services. Documents to this effect must be produced when asked by authorities.

Only 20 persons will be allowed to attend marriages and death-related functions on Sunday.

Other guidelines

  • Shops selling essential items such as milk, newspaper, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables and provision will be open only from 7 am to 9 pm
  • Those working in the essential service sectors (such as police, fire force, media, govt officials, healthworkers etc.) can travel with their employment identity cards.
  • Medical stores, media establishments, telecom, Internet services and ambulance services will function full time.
  • Sanitation workers are also allowed to work.
  • Emergency travel is allowed. But documents proving the emergency nature should be produced.
  • Travel for hospital visits and for vaccination purposes are allowed.
  • Only parcel services will be available in hotels and bakeries from 7 am to 9 pm. No one will be served food at hotels and restaurants.
  • There will be no changes in the scheduled examinations. Hall-tciket and ID card should be produced.
  • Long-distance buses and trains will ply.
  • Those who travel to airports and railway stations can use their private vehicles. Keep the ticket in hand.
  • Tourists are allowed to travel to their hotel or resort with stay vouchers. Pre-booked tourist cars and taxis are allowed.
  • Workshops can open in emergency situations.
  • There is no bar for visiting hotels, resorts and tourist places if you have made advance booking in these places. Liquor shops will not open.
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