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List of largest, biggest, longest

All the Longest: 

1 Longest Day June 21 (in Northern Hemisphere)
2 Longest river which forms estuary in India Narmada
3 Longest Desert (World) Sahara, Africa (84, 00,000a sq. km.)
4 Longest Epic The Mahabharata
5 Longest River Nile (6690 km), Amazon (6570 km.)
6 Longest Tunnel (Road) Laerdal, Norway
7 Longest Animal Blue Whale, (recorded length 106 ft.  weight-195 tons)
8 Longest Canal (India) The Indira Gandhi Canal
9 Longest Road in India Grand Trunk Road
10 Longest Big Ship Canal Seuz Canal (Linkin red sea & Mediterranean)
11 Longest Railways Platform Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh, India)
The Indira Gandhi Canal

All the Largest:

12 Largest Bird Ostrich
13 Largest Continent Asia
14 Largest country (in area) Russia
15 Largest Diamond The Cullinan (over 1 ½ 1b.)
16 Largest Lake (Artificial) Lake mead (Bouler)
17 Largest Mosque Jama Masjid, Delhi, (area 10,000 sq. ft.)
18 Largest Park Yellow stone national park(USA).
19 Largest forest state in India Madhya Pradesh
20 Largest Palace Imperial Palace (Gugong), Beijing (China)
21 Largest sea-bird Albastross
22 Largest Volcano Mauna Lao (Hawaii)
23 Largest Mammal Whale
24 Largest Church Basilica of St. Peter, Vatican city, Rome Italy
25 Largest Temple Angkor Vat (Combodia)
26 Largest State Rajasthan
27 Largest Bell (World) Greatest Bell of Moscow (Russia)
28 Largest City in Population (World) Tokyo
29 Largest Zoo Kruger National Park, South Africa
Imperial Palace

All the Biggest:

30 Biggest Cinema House Roxy (New York)
31 Biggest City in (area) Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia (41225 sq. km.)
32 Biggest Library National Kiev Library, Moscow & Library of the Congress, Washington)
33 Biggest Museum British Museum (London)
34 Deepest & Biggest Ocean The Pacific
35 Biggest Flower Raffesia  (Java)
36 Biggest Clock (World) Big Ben (London)


Big Ben (London)

 All the Tallest/Highest:

37 Tallest Animal on (land) Giraffe
38 Tallest Building Burj khalifa, Dubai (U.A.E)
39 Highest Mountain peak (World) Himalayas
40 Tallest statue Spring temple Budha,china(128m)
41 Tallest Tower Skytree, Tokyo,japan.(634m)
42 Highest Waterfall Salto Angel Falls (Venezuela)
43 Tallest Monument Gateway Arch (USA)
Gateway Arch (USA)


All the Fastest: 

44 Fastest Bird Swift
45 Fastest Animal Cheetah (Leopard ) 70 m.p.h

All the Smallest and Shortest:

46 Smallest Bird Humming bird
47 Smallest Continent Australia
48 Shortest Day Dec. 22 (in Northern Hemisphere)
49 Smallest country Vatican City
50 Smallest planet Mercury
Humming bird
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