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Latest Syllabus and scheme of USS examination


Question of USS Exam one to be prepared taking into account the learning outcomes (ideas, knowledge, skills, attitude) the students might to be acquired upto class seven.

In order to sustain the objectivity and reliability of the exam multiple choice test items are included

The Pattern of exam

There are two papers for the USS exam

Paper (I) First language and Mathematics (It includes 3 parts)

Part (A) : First language (Part I) A.T. Malayalam / Kannada / Tamil / Arabi / Urdu / Sanskrit

Part (B) : First language (Part II) B.T. Malayalam / Kannada / Tamil

Part (C) : Mathematics

Part (II) English, Science & Social Science (It includes 3 parts)

Part (A) : English

Part (B) : Basic Science

Part (C) : Social Science

There are 50 questions in paper I out of which any 45 are to be answered.

In Paper II there are 55 questions. Any 45 one to be answered.

Time for one paper is 90 minutes. Given below is the number of questions for each paper.

Paper – I

Part (A) : First language (Part 1) 15

Part (B) : First language (Part 2) 15 (Any 10 are to be answered)

Part (C) : Mathematics          20

Total                      50

Paper (II)

Part (A) English                    15

Part (B) Basic Science          20 (Any 15 are to be answered)

Part (C) Social Science         20 (Any 15 are to be answered)

Total                             55

Score for each question is one. 90 questions (45 + 45 = 90 are to be answered)

Therefore total score is 90.

There are questions to evaluate the general questions regarding each subject. Five questions from each subject of First language (Part II), Social Science, Basic Science are related to art, literature, health-sports respectively.

Questions to evaluate reasoning and mental ability are there in Mathematics.




Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below.

A Brahmin was passing through a forest. There he saw a lion in a cage. He took pity o him and opened the cage. As the lion came out, he pounced upon the poor Brahmin. He wanted to eat up the Brahmin.

The Brahmin told the lion that he should spare his life, as he was his rescuer. But the lion was very hungry. He said that was the way of the world. Everybody in the world was selfish.

First of all, both of them asked a tree about its opinion. The tree said that the people ate its fruit and sat in its shade, but they still cut it down for fuel. Then they asked a horse about its opinion. The horse said that as long as it sered its master the latter gave it enough food, but as it became old, its master neglected it. So, to be selfish was the way of the world.

Then the lion and the Brahmin asked the fox to have the final opinion. The fox feigned that he couldn’t understand them. So, the original situation must be restored. As the lion went into the cage, the fox asked the Brahmin to shut it and move away. Thus, the lion was again in the cage.

Read the story:

Now choose the correct answer:


  1. Why did the Brahmin open the cage?
  2. a) He took pity on the lion
  3. b) He became angry
  4. c) He became sad
  5. d) He was very healthy

Ans:  He took pity on the lion


  1. Why did the lion pounce upon the Brahmin?
  2. a) He became irritated
  3. b) He wanted to eat up the Brahmin
  4. c) The Brahmin tried to kill him
  5. d) Habit of the lion

Ans:  He wanted to eat up the Brahmin


  1. ‘He said that was the way of the world’ Who said?
  2. a) The Brahmin
  3. b) The tree
  4. c) The lion
  5. d) The fox

Ans: The lion

  1. The fox played a trick to save
  2. a) The tree
  3. b) The horse
  4. c) The brahmin
  5. d) The lion

Ans: The brahmin

Choose the appropriate answer too complete following sentences.

  1. The train …………… late.
  2. a) get down
  3. b) got by
  4. c) got back
  5. d) got in

Ans: got in

  1. We were …………… at his failure.
  2. a) looked
  3. b) shocked
  4. c) noticed
  5. d) asked

Ans: shocked

  1. If you ……. finished your work, you can go
  2. a) are
  3. b) has
  4. c) have
  5. d) had

Ans: have

  1. I wish I ……………. a pilot
  2. a) am
  3. b) was
  4. c) is
  5. d) were

Ans: were

  1. Rama……….. the tea before her husband got up
  2. a) has already made
  3. b) had already made
  4. c) has made
  5. d) make

Ans: had already made

  1. Which of the following is the passive form of the sentence

         I made a mistake

  1. a) A mistake is made by me
  2. b) A mistake has been made by me
  3. c) A mistake was made by me
  4. d) A mistake had been made by me

Ans: A mistake was made by me

  1. Choose the correct sentence:
  2. a) How old are you?
  3. b) How are old you?
  4. c) How old you are?
  5. d) How old you were?

Ans: How old are you?

  1. Select the correct sentence, constructed by the following pair of sentence:

I met Raja, Raja had just returned.

  1. a) I met Raja whom just returned.
  2. b) I met Raja who had just returned.
  3. c) I met Raja which just returned.
  4. d) I met Raja who just returned.

Ans: I met Raja who had just returned.

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