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Keeping the roots stronger

There lived two neighbours, two elderly people, one a retired School Master and the other an insurance agent. Both of them loved trees and plants and grew different types of trees and plants in their gardens.

The School Master’s plants were not as lush as his neighbour’s. But he never felt envious when he looked at his neighbour’s trees. And then, one night there was a heavy wind and rain. In the morning to his great dismay, his trees lying uprooted. His neighbour’s trees stood erect and tall.

The insurance agent wondered why his trees got uprooted, when his neighbour’s didn’t. The School Master looked at him and smiled. “I think you gave them too much care and too much water. Your plants never send their roots deep down. You made it easy for them. I gave them just enough water to survive and let the roots search for more. And because of that, their roots went deeper and that made their position stronger. This is the reason for my plants surviving the wind and the rain.”


Moral:  Children too are like plants. If you pamper them and give them everything they ask for, they will never realise the value of hard work. They will take things for granted and will not be thankful for what they have. This would make them mentally weak and when a problem comes they will not be able to handle it on their own. It is always best to show them the path and let them walk on their own feet rather than carry them all the way. This would make them self-reliant and dignified.

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