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Permanent Commission to Women in Indian Army

The Supreme Court of India delivered a ruling that allows women to serve as permanently commissioned (PC) officers in 10 combat support arms and services of the Indian Army.

Key facts
The Indian Army had set in motion a series of preparatory actions for the conduct of the Permanent Commission Selection Board for affected women officers.
The associated Selection Board will be scheduled as soon as all affected Short Service Commissioned (SSC) women officers exercise their option and complete requisite documentation.
The order grant the permission of Permanent Commission (PC) to Short Service Commissioned (SSC) women officers in all the 10 streams of the Army in which they presently serve.

The order is in line with Supreme Court verdict of February,2020
It directed the government to allow women Army officers as PC and command postings in all services.
The court had observed that excuses given by the government to deter women shows stereotypical mindset. The battle for gender equality is about confronting the battles of the mind. The Supreme Court had ordered the government to implement its decision in three months.

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