Friday, March 17, 2023
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Plus one improvement, supplementary exams begins tomorrow

The plus one improvement and supplementary exam begins tomorrow amid the surge in the COVID-19 cases.

Around 3.2 lakh students have been registered for the exam. Even though students and the teachers’ organizations had demanded to postpone the five-day long exam, considering the worsening COVID19 situation in the state, the government didn’t budge from their decision.

Meanwhile, the education department has decided to arrange separate classrooms for students who have tested positive for the disease. However, the government hasn’t clarified whether it would do anything about the students who might miss the exams due to severe infection.

The teachers who did the duty during last year’s plus one exam have been assigned duty for the improvement exam too. The teachers’ associations point out that a huge number of teachers who have been assigned duties are undergoing treatment after testing positive for COVID- 19. Exams have been scheduled in the morning and the afternoon sessions every day. Same teachers are assigned for both the sessions.

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