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Important personalities and their contribution to the Indian History

What India is today, is because of the contribution of several leaders from the ages. These leaders contributed to various spheres of life which have been of great importance to the Indian Society. Here is the “List of Important personalities and their contribution in Indian History”.

Annie Besant 1847-1933

  • Founded the Theosophical Society in India and started the Home Rule League.
    • Established Central Hindu School and College at Banaras (later Bill]).
    • President of the Calcutta Session of INC, AD 1917.
    • She did not attend the AD 1920 Session at Nagpur due to growing difference with Gandhiji as she felt that Government of India Act, 1919 were a means to free India.
    • Newspapers — New India and Commonweal.
    • She prepared the Lotus Song, a translation of ‘Gita’ into English.


Acharya Narendra Dev 1889-1956

  • He was a scholar, socialist, nationalist and a lawyer by profession. He gave up his practice and joined Non Co-operation Movement.
    • He became the President of Patna’s Socialist Conference in 1934 and a member of UP Legislation Assembly in 1937.
    • He was appointed as the Principal of Kashi Vidyapeeth in 1925 and also became the Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow and Banaras Universities.
    • He founded the Socialist Party in 1948.


Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray 1861-1944

  • He was a pioneer of chemical research in India. His book ‘History of Hindu Chemistry’ was published in 1902.
    • Research work in Ayurveda with French Chemist Berthelot.
    • President of Indian Science Congress in 1920.

Achyut S Patwardhan 1905-1971

  • Founder member of Congress Socialist Party and an active participant in Quit India Movement.
    • He left politics after independence.

Ajit Singh

  • He was a revolutionary nationalist arrested in 1907 and deported to Mandalay.
    • He founded the Bharat Mata Society and launched a journal, Peshwa.
    • An active member of Ghadar Party.

AK Fazlul Haq

  • Founder member of All India Muslim League and its member from 1916 to 1921.
    • Represented the league in the three Round Table Conferences.
    • Founded the Krishak Praja Party in 1937 and worked as Chief Minister of Bengal from 1938-43.

Amir Chand 1869-1915

  • He was a revolutionary activist and associate of Lala Hardayal and Ras Behari Bose.
    • He was arrested in connection with Lahore Bomb and Delhi Conspiracy cases.
    • He was accused of throwing a bomb on Lord Hardinge and was sentenced to death.

Amritlal Vithalal Thakkar 1869-1951

  • A social activist, founder of Bhil Seva Mandal and member of Bharatiya Adamjati Sangh (tribal welfare association).
    • He also served as the Secretary of the Harijan Sevak Sangh.

Anand Mohan Bose 1847-1906

  • Founder member of the Indian Association of Calcutta (1876), Indian National Conference (1883) and Indian National Congress (1885).
    • Presided over the Madras Session of INC (1898).

Aruna Asaf Ali 1909-1996

  • Nicknamed as Aruna Ganguli, she married to Asaf Ali, Indian’s first Ambassador of the USA.
    • She was imprisoned during the Civil Disobedience Movement (1930, 1932) and for participating in Individual Satyagrah (1940).
    • In 1942, she hoisted the Indian National Congress Flag tricolour at Mumbai’s Gowalia Tank Grounds.
    • Elected as first Mayor of Delhi, 1958.
    • She was awarded the International Lenin Prize in 1964.
    • Newspapers (alongwith Edanta Narayana and AV Baliga) — Link and Patriot.

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