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Important personalities and their contribution in Indian History

Bhagat Singh 1907-1931

• Member of Hindustan Socialist Republican Army.
• He started the Militant Naujawan Bharat Sabha in Punjab.
• He killed British Official Saunders in 1928 and was involved in Lahore Conspiracy and bombed the Central Legislative Assembly.
• He was executed on March 23, 1931.

Badruddin Tyabji 1844-1906

• He was the first Barrister in Bombay.
• Appointed to the Bombay Bench in 1895 and in 1902 and also became the second Indian Chief Justice.
• He advocated Tilak’s case on seditious writings in new laters journal, Kesari.
• Founder member of Bombay Legislative Council (1882) and INC (1885).
• Presided over the third INC Session in Madras.
• He stressed upon modernization of Muslims and also served as President of the Bombay based Anjuman-i-Islam.


Baliram Keshav Rao Hedgewar 1899-1940

• He was a medical graduate and an active member of the Congress. He also participated in Tilak’s Home Rule Movement.
• He established the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh on September 27, 1925.

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay 1833- 1894

• He was a great scholar best known for the composition or the hymn Bande Mataram.
• His first novel was Durgesnandini, published in 1864. and he started the journal Bangadarsan.

Barindra Kumar Ghosh 1880-1959

• He was a revolutionary activist and founder member of the secret organization. Anushilan Samiti, started in Calcutta in 1902.

• He also helped in launching the weekly, Yugantar.
• He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 190b but w released in 1919, and then he associated himself with The Statesman and Basumati.

Behramji M Malabari 1853-1912

• He was an eminent scholar and social reformer.
• He worked for the cause or women and by his efforts the Age of Consent Act (1891) was passed.
• He condemned child marriage and forced widowhood in his Notes on Infant Marnage and Enforced Widowhood (1884).
• He founded a social service organization known as Seva Sadan.
• His works include Nitivinod (1875), the Indian Muse in English Garb (1876), and Gujarat and Gujarati’s.

Bhulabhai Desai 1877-1946

• He participated in the Home Rule Movement (1916) and was imprisoned during Civil Disobedience Movement.
• He represented INC in the Central Legislative Assembly for nine years.
• He formulated the Desai-Liaqat formula in 1944 for negotiations with the League.
• He advocated from the prisoners sides during the INA trials

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