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Important personalities and their contribution in Indian History

Kalpana Dull 1913-1978
• A woman revolutionary from Bengal, she was influenced by Surya Sen, hence joined the Chittagong Republican Army.
• She was sentenced to transportation for life for participating in Chittagong Armoury Raids.
• After her release in 1936, she joined the Communist Party of India.


Kanahiyalal Manaklal Munshi 1887-1971

• A freedom fighter and lawyer from Gujarat, he participated in the Salt Satyagrah and CDM as Congress member.
• He was appointed as Home Minister Bombay in 1937 elections.
• He was also arrested during individual Satyagrah (1940).
• He was a member of Constituent Assembly.
• He played a significant role in merging Hyderabad with the Indian Union.
• He served as Union Food Minister in 1952 Cabinet, and Governor of UP (1953-58).
• In 1960, he joined the Swatantra Party.
• Magazines/journals- Bhargava, Gujarat, Social Welfare, Journal.
• Books—’I Follow the Mahatma’, ‘The Creative Art or Life’, ‘Akhand Hindustan, and Pilgrimage to Freedom’.


Kasturba Gandhi 1869-1944

• A freedom fighter and wife of M K Gandhi, popularly known as “Ba”.
• She supported Gandhi in all his political programmes and was the first woman to be imprisoned by the British in Transvaal.
• She was arrested during Quit India Movement in 1942 and died in Poona jail two years later.


Khudiram Bose 1889-1908


• A revolutionary from Midnapore, he participated in the Swadeshi Movement and later joined the Revolutionary Party of Bengal.
• He was arrested for organizing a bomb attack on the carriage of Kingsford, the Session Judge at Muzaffarpur (Bihar) and was sentenced to death.


Khan Ahdul Ghaffar Khan 1890-1988

• Title — Frontier Gandhi, Badshah Khan or Sarhadi Gandhi, Fakhar-e-Afghan.
• Founded an organization of non-violent revolutionaries known as ‘Red Shirts” or “Khudai Khidmatgars”. He opposed partition.
• Participated in NCM, CDM and Quit India.
• Newspaper — Pakhtoon (In Pushto), later published as Das Roza.
• Honoured with ‘Bharat Ratna’ in 1987.


Lakshminath Bezbarua 1868-1938

• A writer from Assam, he started his journal Janaki in 1889 and also wrote the Assamese state anthem.
Lala Hardayal 1884-1939
• A revolutionary from Delhi, he took up the cause of India’s freedom to a foreign land in order to win international support for the freedom movement
• He was the first President of the Ghadar Party founded in San Francisco in 1913.
• He founded the Indian Independence Committee in Germany and an Oriental Bureau to translate the writings in the local language.
• Books – Wealth of Nations, and Hints for Self Culture.

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