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Grow in Self Confidence


Self-confidence is a quality greatly needed to achieve success. No victory is trivial. To Teach a goal you have to face many adversities. If you do not have self-confidence, you will go back the minute you see obstacles. All of you must be familiar with the story of Robert Bruce. Defeated by enemies, the King was hiding in a cave. He had given up on the battle. He was filled with fear and despair. And then he spotted the spider trying to make its web on the cave face. Seven times it failed but the eighth time it managed to make the web. The King was inspired by the small creature and its valiant efforts. He was filled with a new confidence. He got up and planned new strategies to confront the enemy. He managed to defeat the enemy and regain his country.

A person with self confidence would never give up. Every test in life is a battle to win. We should be armed with self confidence.

Steps to grew in confidence

Confront problems bravely

Haven’t you heard people complaining about problems? Well, in human life all the time there would be one problem or another. The problem will never ream in, if you tackle it bravely. Instead of running away, you should face it and overcome it. Youngsters can always seek the help of their parents, teachers and elders. Once you overcome a problem or a challenge you grow in self-confidence.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Self knowledge helps a lot to increase confidence. People are generally stingy in appreciating or encouraging. But they are quick at fault finding. Criticism always takes away from your self confidence. But if you have a complete awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, you would not feel discouraged or angry with negative criticism. However, if you feel that the criticism has ground, you will definitely take it in a constructive way and get your mistakes corrected. Once you get into this habit, you will find yourself increasing in self-confidence.

Have self-respect

Love for oneself is the foundation of human progress. A person who fails to love himself  will not be able to do much for others. When you start taking care of yourself others recognise you and approve of you. Appreciation leads to self-confidence and good performance

Update yourself with new information

It is very important that you keep abreast with the latest happenings around you. It is curiosity that makes one seek knowledge. If you are sufficiently interested in life, you will have this curiosity. A student should aim at seeking knowledge not only in his subjects of study but also in a wide range of subjects. You should also have a  smattering of art and literature. This would enable you to hold intelligent conversa ions, to give sound advice to those who need it and also to find practical solutions to problems. The feelings generated by such actions boost  self confidence.

Maintaining relationships

By maintaining good relationships you can develop integrity and character. Always select people who are positive and confident as your friends. Good friendship is the union of good minds. Avoid those who are selfish and given to loose talk. If you follow these steps, your self-confidence will increase. Fear and despair will then become strangers to you. You will make plans and dare to execute them. You will brave storms and be successful.

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