How to be one of the best students in your school

Improving your class work.

  1. Be prepared on the first day of school. Most students aren’t. You want to show the teachers that you plan ahead, are prepared and on task. If you don’t understand something when your teachers are explaining, do not hesitate to ask, they like seeing that you are both interested in the subject, and want to learn.
  2. Do your homework
    It can be in between classes, home, library just do it, if you get stuck don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  3. Keep your classwork organised.
    Sort it by date, in a notebook, or folder
  4. Study every night
    Even if there’s no test the next day, you never know about pop quizzes. If your teacher teaches according to a text book, in chronological order of the chapters, start reading ahead.
  5. Catch up on missed classwork
    If you are absent in a class, be sure to get the notes from a trustworthy friend, study the lesson, and ask your teacher for any class work you may have missed.
  6. Be a perfectionist
    If you want to be one of the best students in your school, you have to make sure that your assignments are as perfect as possible.
  7. Make friends with your teachers.
    Your teachers will be more likely to help you if they know that you are a hard worker and will respect you more if they know that you pay attention and respect them in and out of class.
    Participating in extra curricular activities
    1) Sign up for clubs and organisations.
    Eg: English club, Mathematics club, NCC, SPC etc.
    2) Play on a sports team.
    Sports are a healthy and entertaining way to spend. More time at school while growing a positive reputation.
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