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Brave act! School girl climbs down 25-ft well to rescue her dear lamb

A teen girl climbed down a 25-foot-deep well to rescue her dear lamb.

The two-month-old lamb “Manikutty” is the dearest pet of Alphonsa who is the daughter of Liju and Shiny of Manjoor South.

Manikutty fell into the well near the house on Wednesday evening. The lamb was let off the rope to graze in the compound. It climbed on the wall, slipped and fell into the well.

When Alphonsa’s mother Shiny came to tie the lamb she was shocked to see Manikutty struggling inside the well. People from the adjoining houses rushed towards the well. But with the well containing more than 10 ft water, none came forward to rescue the lamb out of fear. Meanwhile, her father Liju rushed to the nearest junction to find someone who can rescue the lamb.

With no one to help, 13-year-old Alphonsa did not wait further.

In the meanwhile, the lamb was struggling to stay afloat and in the process drank enough water. The lamb was about to drown when Alphonsa pulled a rope which was tied with a tree. She climbed down the well using the rope and brought the lamb to safety.

Alphonsa placed the lamb in the basket that was tied with the rope even as people gathered around the well pulled the lamb to safety.

Alphonsa is a seventh standard student of St Francis Xavier’s School, Manjappara.

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