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Kerala’s first typewriter museum all set to open in Alappuzha

Typewriter which once ruled the office with clickety-clack sounds is something which youngsters in new generation have not seen. Evoked by this, P Venkittarama Ayyar, president of Brahmin Community has decided to establish a typewriter museum in Kidangamparambu junction here. Alappuzha MLA PP Chitharanjan will inaugurate the museum on Sunday. With this, the public will get a chance to see and know about more than 100 typewriters.

Venkittarama has built the museum by converting APV Institute established by his father V Parameshwara Ayyar in 1946. The museum which was built as a memoir will have typewriters of different periods, including the ‘Remington-16’ model used by his father, who passed away in 2001. It will also feature typewriters used in the olden days, portable typewriter, electric-electronic typewriter, old computers and cyclo styling machines used for copying. Reportedly, once launched it will be the first typewriter museum of Kerala.

APV institute which has been converted to the present museum was originally situated at Thondankulangara. However, in 1949 it was shifted to Kidangamparambu. There was a time when hundreds of students in batches were attending typewriter training from 4 AM to 10 PM. The institute which tweaked its name to APV Institute of Commerce was offering classes in English, Malayalam, Hindi and Accountancy.

Until 2000, many people were relying on typewriters. However, with the advent of modern computers, the number of students enrolling for learning typewriting plummeted. However, as typewriter training is compulsory for some government jobs some are still approaching the centre.

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