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Effects of Social Media on Youth


What is social media?

Social Media refers to interaction among people in which they create, share and / or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

*”Social” -refers to instinctual needs humans have to connect with other humans.

*”Media:- What we use to make connections with other humans.

*”Social Media”-Media used for social interaction.

Some of the popular social media tools / websites






*Blogging Platforms

(Tumblr, Blogger)

Mobile Platform

*More than half of India’s one billion population is under 35 years of age and is at the forefront of mobile phone revolution.

*More than 50% of youth in metro city prefers Whatsapp / WeChat over SMS.

*Increased irrational use, prank calls, unwanted message / interaction.


Some facts

*India has 125 million internet users, on an average, Indian web users spend 26 minutes online each day.

*87.1 million users experience internet on their smart phones and this number is expected to grow to 165 million by 2015.

*Age group of 15-24 are the highest number of social media users, on an average Facebook is visited atleast thrice a day.

*67 per cent of the teenagers are friends with strangers!!

*Cases of Cyber bullying, Fake profiles are increased in a huge number.

*Thoughts of the youth are being manipulated with increase in use of websites.

Negative effects

*Teens who use Facebook more may have psychological disorders including antisocial behaviours, mania and aggressive tendencies.

*Can be distractive. People check Facebook / Whatsapp very frequently.

*The Desire to Compare: We compare ourselves to others in terms of looks, travelled destinations, shopping sprees, friends and so on.

*Radiation : Phone calls, internet over phone, even idle phone has a lot of radiation around it.

*Eye problems : Prolonged use of display screens may weaken eye sight.

*Addiction : Internet shopping, online chatting can be addictive.

*Effect on health : Sitting all day in front of laptops / computers may disturb body metabolism.

*Reduction in physical activities.

Positive effects

*Helps in conversation around the world.

*Data, information can be exchanged easily.

*Money over SMS can be saved by using Whatsapp.

*Information can be directly sent to large number of people easily.

*Helps in avoiding boredom.

*A local businessperson may expand his business over the websites.

*Helps in making friends and meeting new people.

*Helps in seeking new job offers.¬¬

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