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No driving test needed to get a license at RTO: Here’s all you need to know.

Applicants for a driver’s license will soon be able to get the document in a more convenient manner, rather than going through the lengthy procedure of visiting regional transportation offices (RTO).

On Thursday, the Union ministry of road transport and highways implemented an updated rule that allows applicants to get a driving license without undergoing driving tests. The transport ministry has announced new regulations for accrediting driver training centers, under which candidates will be provided with high-quality driving lessons and will not be needed to take driving tests when applying for a license if they pass the exam.

For high-quality teaching, these training centres will be equipped with simulators and a specialised driving test track.

According to the announcement, a light motor vehicle driving course in an approved driver training centre will last 29 hours over a maximum of four weeks from the start of the course. Medium and heavy motor vehicle driving courses last 38 hours over the course of six weeks. The class will be split into two parts: theory and practice. The course will also cover some fundamentals of ethical and courteous behaviour while on the road.

The centres will not only provide training for light, medium, and heavy vehicles but also for industry-specific specialised training. The training will address the current scarcity of qualified drivers on the roads.

Accredited driving training centres will be awarded accreditation for a period of five years, which can be renewed.

On Indian roads, a lack of adequate knowledge and competency is regarded as a big concern, and a high number of road accidents occur as a result of such difficulties and lack of regulations.

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